Located 5 miles north of Barstow, Calico offers a variety of trails and historical stuff to see. We had a great time even though the weather was a bit cold & windy. We opted for the harder trails trying the famous Gatekeeper, Doran Canyon, and Odessa Canyon which should definably be on the list for every 4 wheeler but you may want to bypass the Gatekeeper if you value your perfect rigs body! We had a little carnage with Axle Rod Tom breaking his new Dana 44 left rear Axle on the Gatekeeper which we fixed on the trail thanks to a guest who carried spares. John tearing his soft top on Odessa Canyon walls. And Chuck who went back after the run and actually made it through the Gatekeeper with minor hard top damage on left rear corner, and myself escaping with only a dented fender flare.

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