Our Adopted Black Diamond Rowher Trail & the Lookout Trail are two of the few remaining hardcore trails in Southern California within 30 miles of Los-Angeles. A scenic challenge with bypass trails for Rowher if your Rig can't make the steep section at the Bouquet Canyon entrance. You'll see the trail entrance on the east side of the road just across from the reservoir at (GPS: 34°34.569N x 18°22.461W) and a wide turnout on the side with room to park and air-down. You'll also see the small sign marking the entrance to Rowher Trail. The beginning of Rowher is very steep so if your better judgment says don’t do it you can take another entrance just up the road about 500 yards marked 6N08 which will crisscross the Rowher Trail several places on the climb up. Once on top of the mountain views are extremely awesome! If you take Rowher all the way through you will end up in Rowher Flats OHV Park located off Sierra Hwy and close to the 14 Fwy. I have spoken with the our local Rangers and the Adventure passes are not required if you are just driving through. Many 4X4 Clubs start from Rower Flats OHV Park and go up Lookout Trail then loop back down on Rowher or Sierra Pelona 6N07-5N18 but we enjoy our Bouquet Canyon starting point. At the Ranger Station near the bottom of Bouquet Canyon you can also obtain CTUC maps! High Desert 4 Wheelers (HD4W) has Adopted the Rowher Trail and offers assistance with vehicle rescue, retrieval, or repair when ever possible to help keep our Trail free of abandoned vehicles which may get vandalized if left. We can be contacted through the Bouguet Ranger Station or our Website. Read about the Rowher Trail History, visit http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/angeles/recreation/ohv/recarea/?recid=42242&actid=93

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