In coordination with the local Forest Service, our first Adopted Trail "Rowher" is still scenic but in need of some cleanup. We have recently inspected our adopted trail and found several issues for the club to address. First, there is still an abandoned Truck half way up the trails south side from Rowher Flats which the insurance company still has not removed, my guess is they cannot get a wrecker to its location and we may want to discuss options with the Forest Service. Secondly, there is dumping occurring just inside the trail head on the Bouquet entrance. Thirdly, bottles, cans, and trash are littering the trail which our club can easily deal with by having a Rowher Work Day. Below I have posted some pictures of the dumping which is near the Bouquet entrance and may require a truck or trailer to remove some of these items. Read about the history of Rowher, (updated 9-13-07)

Location: The trail entrance is on the east side of Bouquet Canyon road just across from the Bouquet Reservoir, also about 500 yards north is the 6N08 trail entrance which provides easy access to Rowher and will criss-cross the Rowher Trail several times on the way up, this can be traversed by cars and SUVs.

For more information contact: Santa Clara/Mojave Rangers District Office (M-F 8:00am-430pm) 30800 Bouquet Cyn, Rd. Saugus, CA (661 296-9710) or