Winters in the Desert find us yearning for a good snow run!! Off we go to the Alamo Mountains famous Hungry Valley OHV area. Nearby you will find Quatal Canyon, Apache Canyon, and Grade Valley. The days start out mild and beautiful but the snow gets deeper as you go higher. If the going gets to rough for the more prepared rigs, we head back home after a nice lunch and snowball fight!! If you would like more info on Hungry Valley and the surrounding area you can contact The State of Ca. Department of Parks and Recreation at 805-248-6447 or email us.

The famous Lockwood / Miller Jeep Trails are located in the Gorman Los Padres National Forest. You'll find it to be a very challenging mix of deserts, mountains, valleys, water crossings, and rocks. Recently the area was closed due to a devastating fire, but now has been re-opened. The trail itself is unchanged by the fires, but some of the incredible views are no longer so beautiful. We've had no major vehicle damage and regardless of what many say you can take a stock vehicle through the area, although not recommended due to clearance issues on the rocky sections. Try this trail during the spring & summer months & you'll see why we love it so much! It's often closed or impassable during the winter due to snow. You can contact Hungry Valley SVRA at 805-248-6447 or email us for more info.

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